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Going into this course, I had no idea what to expect. I transferred to Plymouth State in the Fall of 2017, and by the Spring semester of 2018 I was in the IDS major. I had never even heard of this major so I did not know that a custom Bachelors Degree even existed. Not had I ever heard the word interdisciplinary to be honest. That is how you know that I fully trusted my Advisors advice of switching to this major to finish out my degree. I was going in blind!

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Over the course of this semester, I had an interesting experience being in both the intro class and seminar class at the same time. Here I am in one class, learning about the basics of being an IDS major, and then the following night I am being told to wrap you my IDS major for a capstone project before graduation…..seems weird, right? Although it is not suggested to take these at the same time, I actually am glad that I did. Not to sound selfish or not wanting to work hard, but it was nice to be able to kill two birds with one stone.

I now have a full understanding of what this major is all about and what it means to me and IDS student. I have been able to take multiple fields of study (Athletic Training & Social Sciences) to create my Bachelors Degree of Health Sciences. Being an interdisciplinarian has shown be that college doesn’t have to be black and white and straight forward. You don’t have to follow the same path as everyone else. You can create your own plan and be an individual instead of sticking to the typical mold that is placed in front of you.

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OER is a major benefit of a higher education. Having free access to educational resources can change the game. The hope is that more colleges will utilize this resource to help their students have a cheaper alternative. As a commuter, having resources online and not necessarily having to be at the school 24/7 to use them is beneficial.

This drilling down concept relates to my major and future career in the sense that I will need to be able to figure out someones injuries and problems by looking at and breaking down all the various problems that could be occurring. I will have to be a problem solver and that means looking at all the tiny pieces of information to rule each one out until I get to the real problem.

The reading on the benefits and challenges of interdisciplinarity related to all of us in this major. This reading talked about how for years and years, this typical mold has been put in place that puts us all in the same category. The structure of higher education is the same for everyone. This is a challenge for the IDS major. Every year, interdisciplinarity increases and becomes more popular. But because of the well known structure of education, it is hard to change it and make it more of a customizable experience. I think this is a challenge we all face, but yet when you go for a job interview they look for experience in multiple fields and educational subjects. This is also why this major matters. There won’t be one specific job interview that you go to where they will only want you to have experience in one field. They will gravitate towards those with multiple fields of study and experience because it shows that they are well rounded individuals.

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I try not to plan out my future too far in advance because honestly in my own experiences, God laughs at the who plan. Whenever people ask me what my five year plan is I struggle to tell them because I don’t want to have something set in place that could change instantly. Clearly this is all just based off of my own personal experiences in life and for some people, having an “x” amount of years planned out works for them and keeps them motivated. Because I am graduating after I take a summer course, I already feel like this major has helped me with my future. It has given me the opportunity to apply to a Graduate Program and get accepted as well as shorten the amount of time it would have taken me to complete my Bachelors Degree had I not switched to IDS. My hopes for the program itself will be that it keeps growing at PSU, but also across the country as well. I think letting freshmen know that they can create their own major will be a massive resource for future employers as well as future programs those students may apply for.


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  1. Overall this is a well put together post. I like the fact that you included killing two birds with one stone; first, I love that saying because it decides perfectly what you mean and secondly I have heard of people talking both these course and not having that much of a problem with them either. Also, congratulations on being accepted to the Graduate program!

  2. I can’t believe how few people in education talk honestly with students about time-to-degree. I am so pleased that IDS was able to help you find a way to graduate without extending your time more, and that you are now able to get on with graduate study in the areas that excite you. You did a great job doing both IDS courses at once, and dealing with the awkwardness of starting and finishing a program all at once, but I can see that you made it make sense for you, and I am glad it all worked out!

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