Prospectus RA

  • Title: Child Development in Gymnastics
  • Description/Intro: As a child, your body develops at a certain pace and a certain time. Young athletes surpass these milestones prematurely due to advanced physical activity and pressure. How does this effect their bodies? Is the outcome good or bad?
  • Goals: This topic is important to understand because kids are being compelled to go outside of their bodies natural progression due to pressure from coaches and parents. Developing early can cause issues later on down the road. This is important because as a future Athletic Trainer, more coaches need to be aware of what they are forcing on their athletes.
  • Conclusion: I could potentially be working with child athletes at some point in my career. Over all, progressed development can trigger early on retirement from their sport. I will also conclude with whether or not various studies and articles I have researched are in support of kid gymnasts/athletes or if they think the sport is more harmful than anything.
  • Timeline: For the first two weeks, I will focus on gathering information from the library database and scholarly articles online. The next week I will start the intro and the base of the paper. The following week I will work more on the body of the paper. The following week I will wrap up the body and conclusion. The following week I will work on the bibliography and sources. Then I will peer edit and have someone peer edit it after me.
  • Grammar: I will make sure it is peer edited
  • Images: Insert photos of child gymnasts as well as biological references. Licensed.
  • There will be multiple hot links.


Prospectus AP

  • Title: Shadowing Professionals
  • Description/Intro: As a student, I am very job and career oriented. I want to get the degree and get the job. This project of shadowing will help me put my foot in the door and make connections, but also see what the daily life of various professions related to my field are.
  • Goals: I want to can experience and insight now from professionals. While doing observation here at the school for Athletic Training, I want to take myself outside of the school and make connections that aren’t related to the school itself.
  • Deliverable: I will talk about the day to day life at each profession I observe with and what I took away from each of them. Maybe even list some of the things that I learned from them.
  • Conclusion: This project was linked to my life goals 100%. I will be able to put myself in a professional setting and gain connections that will come in handy later on hopefully. It could even open up internships which will help me even more with getting a job.
  • Timeline: This week I will email the PT I have been in contact with to make plans for me to come in. I am thinking I will observe during Spring Break because my work and school schedule are too demanding. I will also get in touch with the Chiropractor that I want to shadow with and make plans for me to shadow with him. After each shadow, I will write in a document what happened throughout the day so I have reference for when I put it all together for my ePort.
  • Grammar: Grammar will be double checked by myself and another pair of eyes.
  • Images: I am hoping I will be able to take images with the people I observe with and will share that in the post.
  • Hotlinks: Will hotlink their businesses as well as any other references.


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  1. Hi, Kelsey. It’ll be interesting to see where the data and anecdotal evidence will lead as you define precisely what good and bad means in qualitative/quantitative terms. Sounds like you already have a strong hunch as to what and why injuries might be happening in some circumstances and that there may be a need to readdress training/education for participants as well as stakeholders. Who compells young athletes? Coaches alone? Hollywood? Parents? The children themselves? Who’s responsible for a child’s safety? I also wonder how the emotional and mental health of a child whose body is still developing trains to compete with elites in events like the Olympics? Lots to learn about growth plates, timing, stress, and those who would be trusted coaches, doctors, and educators. Why would some coaches not be aware of the risks their athletes might face? Who is more prone to injury and why? You might look at dancers, particularly ballerinas, who train from a young age and figure skaters to draw contrasts/comparisons in training and timing.
    Re: AP
    Beyond getting the internship and the job, why shadow at all? (being the devil’s advocate here) How will creating a blog, documentary, informational guide for other AT’s coming up after you help others? Nice post!

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