Semester Teachings

Over the last few semesters, I have taken classes that have challenged me in ways I never thought possible and has given me great work and study tools.

First off, I have taken six classes this semester, and also last semester. But focusing on right now, I would say this overload of classes has taught me how to prioritize my time and even multitask when needed. You can’t be taking that many classes and not learn how to schedule out your life. Between balancing work, school, homework, and a social life, I have figured out schedules that

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work best for me in getting everything done. This applies to my major in the sense that as I go into the Graduate Program for Athletic Training and will be doing clinical, I will need to be able to focus on multiple tasks in front of me such as working with multiple athletes at one time. The courses that have taught me this have been Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology. Although all of my classes involve a lot of work and this has been a tough semester for me, those two courses relate directly to Athletic Training and Social Sciences which is what my major of Health Science is based around.

Within this semester I have also learned about what parts of the job and major that I like the least. Personally, Exercise Prescription is not my favorite class. I will be honest about that. I have discovered that personal training is just something that I do not enjoy carrying out. To some extent, Athletic Trainers have to know how to develop these plans for various athletes. But I know that personal training won’t be the main focus of the job.

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Taking these various courses that have related to my major has shown me that the reality is I am not going to absolutely love every aspect of the job. I hate personal training. To each their own! We aren’t always going to like all of the classes we take even if they pertain to our degree. But I understand that taking that class makes sense for my degree and it is something I should be knowledgeable of.  I still need to try my best even if it isn’t something I personally am connecting with.

Overall, I have acquired quite a bit of knowledge over the last year or two with my various courses and class schedules. But filling my books with all of the classes and hard work has paid off and soon enough I will have that Bachelors Degree and will be moving onto my Masters. I will be able to carry over all of the lessons I have learned into the program and use them to my benefit.


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  1. The piece of wisdom here is your ken for one aspect of an IDS major you don’t particularly relish and the realization that you can still keep that knowledge as a vital implement in your AT toolchest. Your honest reflection and the willingness to be vulnerable reminds me of the oft neglected human side and of how useful those unsung virtues are in whatever we choose to take on in our lives. Congratulations, Kelsey on your academic accomplishments and best wishes for the exciting next phase!

  2. Yes, I think learning how to engage and persist in order to reach a larger goal is such a wonderful skill to acquire when you are struggling to complete a course that you are not passionate about. I like the way you can step back and see the big picture and use that to help fuel your work.

    Hard to believe that it’s all come together so well and you have used the semester to completely refigure your education. Amazing!

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