Summer Synthesis

By: Kelsey Dubia

My IDS major is Health Science and it has the subcategories of Social Science and Athletic Training. Combining the two made it possible for me to be accepted into a graduate program as well as utilize a lot of my transfer credits.

Josh Fields CC BY-NC-ND

My applied project was to observe with a Physical Therapist throughout the semester to get an inside look at the real world of a human performance worker. I had already competed 50 hours of observation with various sports teams and Athletic Trainers at the school, so I wanted to do something outside of the college town and meet new people. This was beneficial for me because I was able to be in the real world and outside of school. Being able to see the day to day life of a working Physical Therapist gave me a glimpse into a similar future. Although Athletic Training is slightly different from Physical Therapy, they all intermingle and connect to achieve the same goal. Kind of what Interdisciplinary Studies strives for.

For my research article I looked into elite gymnasts and how their activity levels effect their child and adult development. I wanted to understand myself how overtraining can stunt your growth and cause injuries along the way. Doing this research helped me keep in mind overtraining with athletes and how this can effect them. As a future Athletic Trainer, overtraining is always something to take into consideration, especially with elite athletes.


This research and project gives a well rounded view of understanding the human body and how to work with athletes and the general population. I think a lot of us wish that we could get hands on experience in the fields we are interested in so that we can see if it is something we actually want to pursue. For all of our projects and research papers, that is something that we all have achieved. We were able to take control of our education which is what IDS is about essentially. That is the true impact for our future education and life. Now here we are, graduating and applying what we have learned out in the real world!

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