The Appeal of Interdisciplinarity

I originally did not know that the Interdisciplinary Studies program existed. I had never heard of it before coming to Plymouth State University. But it has become a crucial tool to my success thus far with obtaining this degree. My degree of Health Science is more like the fruit smoothie of Interdisciplinarity. Combining Athletic Training with Social Sciences creates the perfect blend. The appeal for most to this program is the fact that you can create whatever you want and combine as many disciplines as you would like. You can have a multidisciplinary major where you have combined a few different subjects but still keep them separate from each other. Or you can be like me and blend all of those subjects together to create a cohesive, blended major. There is no wrong or right method.

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This freedom gives us the chance as students to be more creative and provide something that is substantial for ourselves. We finally have been able to have a say in what we want in our future and from our education. In my opinion, this is the key to having a successful educational experience. “Interdisciplinary theory takes interdisciplinary knowledge, research, or education as its main objects of study.

So far, my only real exposure to interdisciplinary learning would be the intro class and the seminar class. In the seminar class, we are working on our capstone projects and research papers. This is where I am finally applying all of the disciplines that are in my major. We are given total creative freedom with these assignments and that just adds to the idea of interdisciplinarity. These courses aren’t just about getting the degree and getting the job, but more about allowing us to create the degree and job. “Today’s students fulfill general-education requirements, take specialized courses in their majors, and fill out their schedule with some electives, but while college catalogs euphemistically describe this as a “curriculum,” it is rarely more than a collection of courses, devoid of planning, context, and coherence.” This quote from Gregorian explains it all. As Interdisciplinary Studies majors, we are getting away from the cookie cutter structure of higher education.

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  1. “These courses aren’t just about getting the degree and getting the job, but more about allowing us to create the degree and job. ” Yes! That is my dream for our program: that students don’t just consume knowledge, but shape the knowledge commons; that you don’t just “get a job” when you graduate, but you shape the world and jobs that will exist… Wonderful!

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